"Slow Murder"

                                                By Steve @

                                              Chris Defelice - Vocals
                                               Dave Dukart - Guitar
                                               Mike Wolff - Guitar
                                               Rock Rollain - Bass
                                               Max Wolff - Drums

                          The extremists in heavy music. This is what Sloth Frenzy considers them-
                          selves to be. After seeing them play live and hearing their cd "Slow Murder"
                           i would have to agree. They mix differant styles of metal into their music
                          to make their own style. Whether it's the traditional heavy sound, melodic,
                           groove, or even sometimes death, they do it all well. The two guitarists
                           also work great together. The vocals aren't the average style which also
                           gives an added touch. I'm not much for Deep Purple but the bonus track is
                          a cover of Space Truckin'. Which personaly i prefer better than the original.
                           Also all the art work was created by the guitarist Mike Wolff. In a world
                           full of metal bands they are definitely doing what it takes to not blend in
                                                 with the rest.

                                                    9 of 10

                                      Reviewed By Newtimes Magazine's:  Serene Dominic

                                Presents Arizona's Heaviest Local Bands
( A Compilation CD of Local Arizona Bands That I did the Artwork for...Not a Great review but you can't win 'em all...)

                                        If you log on to, you get a bunch of brassy sarcophaguses, but just
                                         throw in a "z" instead of an "s" at the end and you get big-breasted women in a
                                         cemetery, with mammaries the size of human skulls and bands with names like
                                         Mr. Dead, Gat-Rot, Cast of Shadows and Sloth Frenzy. The latter turns in the
                                          most ridiculous, over-the-top mantra in a song titled "Unblessed (The Goat)"
                                         ("From the abyss he cries/Unbless the goat, redeem the lamb") while Gat-Rot's
                                        lead vocalist manages the best Jekyll and Hyde transformation since Lou Christie
                                        sang "Lightning Strikes." Chess masters would describe it as "Gavin Rossdale to
                                        Cookie Monster in three moves" on the appropriately named "It Hurts to Smile."

                                        But it's not all gargle with gravel from Hades. Cast of Shadows offers chorused
                                          guitars like Rush and a catchy song about addiction. And there's Mr. Dead's
                                         opening track complete with sound effects lifted off Chilling Thrilling Sounds
                                         From the Haunted House, and this disc's most thoughtful rumination on death
                                       ("Death's a bitch") immediately followed by a long, echoey "wooooaaaaah," which
                                        indicates a descent to Beelzebub's bachelor pad. And if death wasn't enough of a
                                        bitch, you get laughed at like Ozzy by your friendly neighborhood "Undertaker."

                                               's target audience knows
                                                         they're eventually headed to the place
                                                         down below, and this comp caters to
                                                        them lovingly. And who would want to
                                                          go to heaven anyway when hell is a
                                                          place full of double kick drums and
                                                         women with big hair and even bigger
                                                          bazoomas?Rating: De-COMP-osing


                                          This is Vincent Eldefors from the webzine Tartarean
                                        Desire. You sent me a copy of "Slow Murder" and I have
                                                    just put the review online
                                          ( Here is a copy of

                                         "In February 1996 three musicians from various local
                                          bands in Tempe, Arizona, united to form the heavy
                                          metal monster today known as Sloth Frenzy. After
                                          having recruited two new members, headlined local
                                          shows and opened up for big American names they
                                         decided that the time was right to record a real album
                                            and the result became "Slow Murder", a very
                                        well-produced mix of Machine Head influenced music,
                                          soaring guitar solos and more traditional death metal
                                         tunes. The music is also of a rather melodic and heavy
                                            kind but the prime strength of this band is the
                                        aggressive and very powerful vocals. Contrary to most
                                         modern death metal bands Sloth Frenzy don´t have the
                                          intention of playing as fast as possible but rely more
                                         on heavy driving rhythms and aggressive vocals like
                                          Machine Head and other similar bands. Most of the
                                          album is comprised of heavy and pulsating rage but
                                         they can also produce slow and beautiful melodies as
                                         shown in the beginning of "Sarcoid Savior". Perhaps
                                        Sloth Frenzy will not make themselves known as one of
                                         the most important groundbreakers or pioneers of the
                                            metal history but they still have the capacity of
                                           further developing their sound and are definitely
                                            worthy of the attention from fans of aggressive
                                           metal/hardcore hybrids. Just don´t expect subtle
                                         melodies and beautiful singing from them because this
                                           is straight-forward flaming aggression." (6.5/10)

                                                         Kind regards,


                                              By Randy Blake II of ROAAR Magazine:
                                  Two months into the year and we have another band that is far too good
                                       to be languishing in the ranks of obscurity. From Arizona
                                  comes the might and ferocious majesty of the amazing SLOTH FRENZY!!

                                   Thirty seconds into the opening attack of the CD "Slow Murder" and you
                                        will see exactly what I am talking about. "Distant" is fair
                                    warning that this disc is not by a bunch of hack ass music wannabees.
                                     It IS the fucking real deal!! Teetering at times from a SÉANCE -
                                PANTERA like feel but remaining completely their own, SLOTH FRENZY are
                                        talented up the ass and vicious enough to boast about it.
                                                     This ain't kiddie shit folks!!

                                      Blasting through "Patterns In Fiction", "Sarcoid Savior" and the
                                     frantic "Unblessed" it is quite clear that  the guitar attack of Dave
                                   Dukart & Mike Wolf, the push of drummer Max Wolf and bassist Rock
                                        Rollain that this band would leave any band the followed
                                     crippled and maimed and any band they opened for worried that they
                                    could every compete with them. Vocalist Chris Defelice makes his
                                     aggressive contemporaries sound like fairies!! Here is the  band that
                                           could put SLAYER away with hardly an effort.

                                    The gruesomely brilliant "Slow Murder" track is easily one of the best
                                     tracks I've heard in the past ten years. How do you beat a line so
                                   morbidly excellent as "Spreading ribs to find the soul inside"?? SLOTH
                                     FRENZY even found away to breath some original life into the
                                  tired old DEEP PURPLE classic " Space Truckin'". This CD was produced
                                         by the band themselves and if half the rubbish that the
                                     major labels put out was remotely this good than the genre would be
                                        unbeatable. "Slow Murder" is a masterpiece of mayhem.

                                   Between the tracks "Slow Murder" & "Space Truckin'" lies the somewhat
                                        ironic opus called "All Down Hill From Here". When I
                                   checked the SLOTH FRENZY website (others find the bands and make
                                       contact) I learned that vocalist Chris Defelice was no longer
                                        with us. To have written and recorded a CD as powerful and
                                  entertaining as "Slow Murder" and then be taken far too soon from us,
                                      writers and fans, is indeed a tragedy. Whether or not the band is
                                  going to continue is unknown. The band could be massive. Defelice an
                                    icon. They are ALL that good. Buy this!! Thumbs way up to the band.
                                                 Chris….Fuckin' good job, man…

Hi. Here is another review...So.

Review by: VAMPIRIA mag.
    c/o Francesco Palumbo
    Via San Clemente 106
    84015 Nocera Superiore - SA
SLOTH FRENZY   “Slow Murder”
SLAYER meets Nu-Metal. With this words I can just make you know the roots of their music, but I think that you have to listen to this album to have a
real idea of what they play. Mid-tempos with Hard-Core structures, riffs in a Thrash vein, vocals that seem to be halfway between Death Thrash and
Hard-core. And then what can you tell about the two axemen which really succeed to create intricate arrangements? I don't think they are too original but
their value above all the technical qualities are high. 'Distant' with its slow moshing, the fastest 'Patterns In Fiction' (this one Thrash oriented in a
FORBIDDEN style), the good 'Sarcoid Savior' with its acoustic intro, the last 'Space Truckin', a DEEP PURPLE cover here manipulated like a DNA and
the long Doomish 'All Downhill From Here' represent the description of mine, but I think it is not too important what I say, cause this is music which
has to be listened to. “Slow Murder”, no better title could be chosen.

Sloth Frenzy ~ Slow Murder
                                                 Reviewed by: Metal Girl

                     I dreaded reviewing this Cd. I was first contacted by this band right after the original vocalist
                     Chris Defelice passed away. I read his memorial on the website and felt taken aback by the
                      grief of the situation. But, the CD was mailed to me anyway so I tossed it in. I was shocked
                 by how much I liked it. Sloth Frenzy combines what was great about crunching heavy 80's metal like
                 Testament and Slayer and throws in ripping speed/death metal vocals and deep melodic undertures.
                      Off the 7-track album, my two favorite songs are "Distant" and the cover of "Space Truckin".
                   These songs have heavy beats perfectly pummeling out to addictive perfection. Chris' vocals are
                           heavy and grittly but more likeable than most of the death metal singers I hear.
                     What I noticed was different about this band were the irratic tempo changes and unexpected
                      complex guitar solos that just seem to "occur" haphazardly throughout songs. Personally I
                 have a hard time adjusting to some of the odd tempos of "Unblessed (The Goat)" and "Slow Murder"
                     but I think this style would appeal to many speed metal freeks. It's a good CD and I am sorry
                                              I missed seeing the original line-up.

F.Y.I.  From Rip and Tear webzine
SLOTH FRENZY - Slow Murder (Independent) Sloth Frenzy is some groovy shit! Its crunchy, thrashy
death metal with a unique personality all it's own. Slow Murder comes strong with a truly original approach
that's a lot of fun to listen to. At times it's technical, others deep and off tempo, with elements of hardcore.
Vocals are full of variety as well, with deep growling, raspy doom-style singing, and black metal
screaming... it's all in there, and it kicks ass! A solid effort by Sloth Frenzy, look forward to their next

Mike Banfield

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